Thursday, December 29, 2005

What ever happened at IBM ?

Like hundreds of thousands of others across the world, I was a dedicated, loyal IBMer.
Also like many, I want to know what happened inside the company.

What happened to Jean-Paul Nerrière? ... Jean-Charles Lévy, to Renato Riverso etc.,
Did Robert van Hoeken ever marry his secretary ?

What happened to project "sailboat" ? (Hey, no company confidential info, OK?)
I was instrumental in changing the thinking of the RS/600 from a scientific machine, to a mainly commercial machine.

What happened to the stock price and why was it left unmanaged by the CFO and staff ?
(I too, bought in to the stock purchase plan, as a means of supporting my retirement, so
I want to know what went wrong)

As a consequence, I will post from time to time my reminiscences of what happened inside the company, not as an aggressive opponent of the company [I think the company is great and still has enormous potential] but as another cork on the ocean was drifted away from happenings inside the company, I need to know.

I tried for a while, to start a USENET group (remember them?) but failed miserably as, going through the recommended channels, I got no answers, only silence.
Hence my alternative effort - this blog.